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Baking stoves and Pizza domes

Freshly baked from a fireclay wood-burning baking stove …
… crunchy & simply delicious

Baking on fireclay is one of the oldest methods – and still one of the most popular. And rightly so! Fireclay has a high degree of porosity. The stone therefore absorbs moisture and then releases it back into the baked goods. This ensures a crispy crust and a soft but dense centre – a dream! Baking stoves made of fireclay are therefore frequently used for commercial purposes in the catering industry. But the dream of an outdoor baking stove can also be fulfilled privately- for example with our baking stove sets.

Your advantages

Tongue and groove connections

Thanks to the tongue and groove connections, uncomplicated installation and short construction times are guaranteed. Nevertheless, you retain the greatest level of flexibility. Our baking stoves can be individually adapted to your needs and wishes. The size as well as the design of the outer shell is up to you.

Combustion chamber ergonomics

The baking chamber geometry of our baking stoves is well thought out. In the vaulted furnace, the baled foods are evenly baled through radiant heat. The heated air begins to circulate and heats the entire baking chamber. The fireclay stores the heat and radiates it inwards after a certain period of time. The best baking results are achieved when the basement plate is heated up correctly as well. Our high-quality fireclay defies the frequent temperature changes over a long service life.

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Markgräfler baking stoves
KaBOB baking stoves*
Backofen Kuppelofen ITALICUS
Pizza domes
Backöfen Gewölbesteine und Backofenplatten
Vault bricks and plates

* The burn-out opening and construction-related cuts are not prefabricated and are not included in the delivery of the baking stove sets.