Pipes for chimney systems

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Ceramic flue liners for chimneys offer advantages such as sootfire resistance and acid resistance. Many years of experience in development and continual investment in production ensure the quality of our product range. Our ceramic flue liners are manufactured from high- quality raw materials using state-of-the art equipment.

They are used in a wide variety of chimney systems. In general, operation is possible under dry or wet conditions using all fuel types, as well as application in LAS systems. Alongside standard pipes, we also offer solutions for connections to smoke pipes and cleanout openings, for LAS systems, as well as for the chimney base.

In accordance with their classification, Wolfshöhe fireclay chimney pipes fulfil requirements regarding insensitivity to humidity and resistance to sootfire. They are suitable for overpressure or negative pressure operation. Continuous monitoring of dimensions and other material and product properties ensures that these are maintained. They are stipulated in the series of DIN EN 1457 standards and proven by the CE Mark and declarations of performance.

Chimney Pipes

T-pieces for Chimney Sweeping and attachments



T-pieces for Pipe Fitting and attachments

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T-pieces for LAS

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Condensate Collector

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