Focus on people

Portrait Renate Meyer

Renate Meyer

Switchboard, order processing, scheduling/dispatch

“Our customers and colleagues know that the Wolfshöher Tonwerke has a high-quality and well-assorted product range.”
Family-run company with tradition

As a company run by the sixth generation of the same family, we are proud of our long tradition. For over 150 years, we have been driving the company with our skill and know- how. We would not be where we are today if it were not for our committed, loyal and often long-serving employees. As a regional company offering training in commercial and technical professions, we are investing in the future of young people and the continued existence of the company.

Today, around 100 people work for the Wolfshöher Tonwerke ‒ an important market player in the field of fireclay products for the construction of tiled stoves, storage heating stoves, moulded bricks and ceramic chimney pipes. Commercial and technical management of the company is shared by Konrad Kügel and Ulrike Kutscha-Wolf.

Reante Meyer Arbeit Renate Meyer ensures that orders are handled quickly and smoothly.
Mitarbeiter bei der Arbeit
Tackling challenges together

Our focus on application technology leads to constant new challenges. The optimisation of firing systems for masonry heaters and the improvement of chimney pipes are good examples. The dynamic change in requirements demands of our employees flexibility and the desire to develop themselves further. This willingness to do so enables us to keep abreast of the latest developments ‒ or even one step ahead.

Portrait Ernst-Helmut Hasengier

Ernst-Helmut Hasengier

Field sales, South/South-east Germany

“Personal involvement, reliability and a relationship based on long-term trust are values which are close to my heart. The customer should be pleased to hear from me.”
Solutions for individuals

Incorporating the interests of our employees is of great importance to us. A good example is the company suggestion scheme. Give and take should be perfectly balanced in everyday life.

Individual solutions for individual people, such as flexitime or the possibility to take part in further training courses are an established part of our operations. The years of experience and knowledge of markets and technologies in a variety of business fields which are brought to the company by the people responsible ensure a solid basis for innovation.

Reante Meyer Arbeit Ernst-Helmut Hasengier has been working for the company for over 25 years.