Our philosophy

150 years of tradition

As a company run by the sixth generation of the same family, we value tradition highly. This tradition gives us a sense of obligation to the past, the present and the future. It is our aim to safeguard the company’s success in the future by exploiting and developing the ideas, experience and assets of the past in what we do today.

The environment ‒ close to our hearts

The creation of value at a regional level and the protection of our environment are matters which are close to our hearts. We consider dust extraction, noise-reduction measures, purification of kiln emissions and the economical use of resources to be important tasks.

Consistent approach

We demand high standards – of ourselves and the quality of our products. We are committed to offering our customers only high-quality goods. Continuous quality assessments by our in- house laboratory as well as inspections by external bodies make our quality standards transparent.

Focus on the expedient

We keep an eye on the big picture as well as the details. We are mindful of the profitability of the company, adhere to statutory provisions and practice mutual respect.

Passionate about development

We keep our production facilities up to date and modernise on a regular basis. Our combination of experience and innovative courage makes for a future-proof, dynamic approach.

Focus on people

In our dealings with people we strive to be open, reliable, responsible and down-to-earth. This is important to us and is something we are constantly working on.