Fireclay products for traditional stove construction

Long-lasting and versatile

Stove fitters use our fireclay products to build long-lasting, efficient stoves. A classic Wolfshöhe product, which is continuously being improved, is the HBO+ grade fireclay element in salmon pink for tiled stoves. It has been specially developed for tiled stove construction and use with wood-burning systems. It is characterised by its machinability, heat transport and storage capacity and its durability over generations. It goes without saying that the properties of our fireclay products comply with German technical regulations governing stoves and air heating systems (TR-OL).
See the individual product descriptions for more information.

Firebricks and plates


Schamotte HBO+

Schamotteplatten für verputzte Außenhüllen

Auflagestein für Außenhüllen

Radialsteine und Eckbauteile






Bricks and plates made from HBO+ can be used in all parts of the stove. Parts range from small plates through standard formats to large plates measuring 1000 x 500 x 30 millimetres. We also offer formats which are commonly chosen for outer shells with a special plaster base surface and dovetail profile. We also have corner elements, radial bricks and stove shell bricks. Double-groove plates make for a positive-fit connection. The large formats help to reduce working time and are therefore also used in masonry heater combustion chambers.

There are additional fireclay product grades for special requirements. Heavy-duty fireclay is characterised by its high density which correspondingly makes for higher thermal conductivity and storage capacity. Further specialities are HBA, the baking oven plate, or HBC, a re-pressed brick featuring a completely smooth surface. The hollow fireclay sheeting and covering plates are made of HBW and are suitable for covering stoves, as outer shells or for heated benches.

Moulded bricks

Nut- und Federsteine

Feuerraumsteine Palego


Zugformsteine N+F

Zugsysteme N+F

Rauchrohraufnahme GD

Zugformsteine Standardsystem

Keramisches Nachheizregister

Putzöffnung und Rauchrohranschluss

Zugsystemsteine KaFlex

DINGO Schamotte-Speicherblock mit Universal-Anheizbox

A number of moulded bricks of various grades for traditional stove construction help to make construction easier. The products on offer range from bricks for the combustion chamber to system bricks for constructing ceramic flues. There are solutions for gas-tight smoke pipe collets and for cleanout openings to allow cleaning of flue gas pipes. A small, ceramic supplementary heat register is also available.

Connection of chimney pipe

Anschlußstutzen und Rohre

As a manufacturer of ceramic flue liners, our programme also includes solutions for connecting stoves to chimneys.

Mortars and masses

Universal Mörtel und Massen

Weitere Mörtel und Massen


Our mortars and masses have been developed for a wide range of requirements relating to tiled stove construction. In particular we would like to mention our “Universal” programme. You can rely on our mortars to match the brick grade in question. The stove fitter can be sure that the quality of his work is enhanced further by his choice of mortar. We also offer various types of plaster for facing the outer stove shell.

Heat insulating materials


Wolftherm Vermiculite

Promasil 950 KS Calciumsilikat

Skamotec 225 Calciumsilikat

Heat insulating materials ensure safe installation of the stove inside buildings and, where necessary, offer load-bearing or flammable walls and ceilings effective protection against excessively high temperatures. They are approved for use in stove construction by the supervising building authorities.

Other products

Feuerraumplatte Vermiculite


Biolösliches Fasermaterial

Ziegel Hourdisplatten

Special materials, such as Vermiculite for the combustion chamber, hollow fireclay bricks, refractory plates and biosoluble fibres round off our product range.