More than 100 employees are working at Wolfshöher Tonwerke. Here they give a small insight into their daily work:

“Strict quality controls are of great importance to us. We are then more Catholic than the Pope, even if otherwise we prefer unconventional thinking.“
Harald Ottmann
“For 160 years, we have been the market leader in the field of fireclay for stove construction. How we remain so successful? With optimised, durable materials and sets – and maybe a little bit, because we knock on wood three times a day.“
Grit Mühlmeister
“We are really proud of our long-standing tradition. For this reason, many things and traditions have been kept in the company for generations. Such as this leather bag, which has always been used for the internal mail distribution. But it’s almost back on trend – so vintage.“
Adrian Holfelder
“We are dedicated to the craft of furnace construction and are always happy about exchange with others.
In our training courses, we therefore like to create a platform for thinking heads, brilliant ideas, great plans and much-loved projects.“
Daniel Reisinger
“Our trade fair appearances and training courses are always a special highlight of the year.
This is the best opportunity to experience us live.“
Judith Ebach
“We appreciate craft work. We are all very much “hands on” when working. And that with really cool equipment – which many children certainly envy us.“
Manuel Distler
“We are very happy having so many fans who appreciate the benefits of our fireclay. We prefer to fulfill autograph requests on order confirmations.“
Kristin Treczka

“Promoting trainees is very important to the company. Self-initiative and good ideas are appreciated – and above all energy-efficient work.“
Marcel Städler
“We are happy to accept suggestions from our customers and are always striving to develop even better solutions. We therefore listen with an open ear to impulses from the industry.“
Silke Wolfgruber