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HÖLZLI compact heat saving stove

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Because some dreams are not as big as we think…

Your own stove – it’s never been so easy!

Are you looking for a high-quality heat saving stove made entirely of fireclay, but would like to keep effort and costs to a minimum?

Then our HÖLZLI compact heat saving stove is the solution!

The HÖLZLI is a compact basic stove made of premium-quality fireclay, which we prepare and assemble as a complete set. you receive all the required components, already precisely pre-cut, in a single package Thanks to this modular design, the stove is installed within one to two days – efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of mess and disruption. At the same time, the outer shell offers you a great deal of freedom when it comes to the actual design.

Item numberProduct name (l x w x h)Weight kg/pc.Pc./palletPrice excl. VAT €/pc.
663680SEZ HÖLZLI OI/60 interior construction + heating door374.0014,275.12 €
663681SET HÖLZLI OI/30 interior construction + heating door368.0014,245.77 €
663682SET HÖLZLI OI/30 interior construction + heating door + outer shell591.0015,060.91 €
654134Door frame HÖLZLI OI SJR 55 mm depth black3.005150.58 €
653993Exhaust gas stub HÖLZLI black ø 150 mm1.805082.42 €
655953Sealing cord for Grundofen heating door HÖLZLI OI SJ0.10123.48 €
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Your advantages

Icon Energeeffizient

Maximum energy efficiency

Heating accounts for 75 % of our energy consumption. Heating with the HÖLZLI is particularly energy-saving and cost-effective.

It has an efficiency of over 80 % and has been awarded energy efficiency class A+. In addition, the material used, i.e. fireclay, has a high heating capacity. This, together with well thought-out supplementary heating flues of approx. 3.20 m in length, make the HÖLZLI particularly efficient.

This results in long heating intervals in which the fuel is utilized to the maximum. For 6-8 hours of heat, it is sufficient to fire the stove once with only 3-6 kg of wood. This is not only easy on the wallet, but also convenient and sustainable

HÖLZLI Energieeffizienz
Icon Qualität

High quality and durability

Homes are often passed down through generations. Accordingly, foresight is required – also when it comes to the question: “How do I heat?”. The HÖLZLI is made of fireclay of the highest quality “made in Germany”.

At Wolfhöher Tonwerke, we do not only ensure that the material has optimum thermal properties during production, but also attach great importance to high quality and durability so that they can withstand frequent temperature changes without cracking or expansion joints.

A HÖLZLI can therefore be enjoyed for a long time – often also for future generations. Also because heating with wood is up-to-date and does justice to the energy transition.

Icon Individuell


What is particularly beautiful about a handcrafted stove is that it offers almost endless design possibilities. Thanks to the modular design of the HÖLZLI, the shape of this stove is fixed, but you can still choose the material and color of the outer shell individually and according to your personal taste. Thanks to its minimalist, timeless design, the HÖLZLI can be integrated into any interior style – whether modern, elegant, traditional, industrial or solid.

The HÖLZLI is ideal as additional heating in the transitional period, for low-energy houses and for smaller living spaces.

Icon Gesund

Health and well-being

Dry air has a negative effect on the airways, eyes, skin and hair. This is not an issue with a heat saving stove made of fireclay! Conventional radiators or cast iron Swedish stoves heat the room by heating the air flowing past them. And unfortunately also dry out the air in the process. A basic stove made of fireclay (such as the HÖLZLI), on the other hand, heats the room through so-called “radiant heat”. This does not require the air as a transport medium, but transmits the temperature directly into the interior by means of long-wave electromagnetic waves. This does not only feel good, but is also healthy.

With the HÖLZLI, you can create a balanced, healthy and natural indoor climate.

Icon Nachhaltig


Heating with wood is an environmentally friendly solution that makes a major contribution to the energy transition. Wood is a regenerative energy source whose combustion only releases as much CO2 as was absorbed during its growth and would also be released during the natural decomposition process. It goes without saying that renewable raw materials should also be used as efficiently as possible.

This is guaranteed with our HÖLZLI. It has an efficiency of over 82% and has been awarded energy efficiency class A+. The combustion process of our HÖLZLI is very clean and low-emission. Thanks to state-of-the-art combustion technology and optimum air control, the fine dust values of the HÖLZLI are below the specified limits.


HÖLZLI key data:

  • Energy efficiency class: A+ | Efficiency > 80 %
  • Dimensions approx. 60x60x160 cm
  • Pre-certified as a heat saving system (in accordance with DIN EN 15250:2007-06)
  • Thought-out heating gas conduction (with a length of 3.20 m)
  • Ideal as additional heating, for small living spaces or low-energy houses
  • Clean combustion with low emission values
  • Easy cleaning
  • No building inspection approval for the room air independent operation (an operation with a ventilation system or with sole air exhaust systems is only possible with a safety device).

Technical data:

Maximum thermal output20 kW
Nominal thermal output (with a nominal heating period of 8 h)2.5 kW
Room heating capacity (with a heat requirement of 60 W/m²)25 – 30 m²
Fuel quantity6 kg
Combustion air cross section150 cm²
Combustion air volume60 m³/h
Possible types of the combustion air supply acc. to TR-OLfrom the room (VLRaum) and via an external pipe (VLextern)
Inner furnace dimensionW x Dx H = 330 x 330 x 480 mm
Ideal split log length25 cm
Stove doorOfen Innovativ SJ stove with viewing window W x H = 310 x 350 mm
Heating gas ductInner cross section 140x90 mm, length 3.2 m, heavy fireclay HSM
Air inlet nozzle for an external combustion air supply Ø150 mm, optional
Outer dimensions• with 30 mm outer shell, e.g. plaster-coated fireclay W x D x H = approx. 540 x 540 x 1,600 mm
• with 60 mm outer shell, e.g. stove tiles W x D x H = approx. 600 x 600 x 1,650 mm
Distance to combustible componentslateral: 200 mm, rear: 200 mm, front: 800 mm

Data for chimney dimensioning:

Flue gas temperature at flue gas nozzle180 °C
Required delivery pressure12 Pa
Flue gas mass flow21 g/s
Chimney configurationmultiple
Chimney connectionrear, lateral or on top
Flue gas nozzle Ø150 mm
Height of flue gas nozzle1,431 mm


HÖLZLI Versionen Blendrahmen

The two versions of the inner lining of the HÖLZLI:

There are two inner lining versions for the HÖLZLI:

OI/30 means the inner lining is ideally suited for an outer shell of 30 mm thick fireclay plates.

With the OI/60 version, the stove door has been moved 30 mm towards the front. This provides sufficient space above the door for a 60 mm thick outer shell (e.g. stove tiles) which is then flush with the door. However, it should be noted that only a 30 mm thick plate or tiles without a framed body can be used underneath the door for both versions.

In case the standard door frame is no longer sufficient for the installed and designed outer shell, a deeper door frame is available as an alternative.

Construction manual:

You will find detailed construction manual after registration in the protected download area of our website.


Stove door

Included in the set is a high-quality Ofen Innovativ SJ stove door featuring a 310 x 350 mm viewing window and door frame.

HÖLZLI Zubehör Tür

Air inlet nozzle

The inlet air nozzle for external combustion air supply is not included in the scope of delivery and must be ordered separately, if required.

HOELZLI Zubehör Zuluftstutzen

Connection height supply air

If the external combustion air supply is carried out from the rear, the connection height of the pipe results in 115 mm.

HOELZLI Zubehör Anschlusshöhe Zuluft


Frequently asked questions about our HÖLZLI compact heat saving stove

The HÖLZLI is a compact basic stove made of fireclay in premium quality. It fulfills the dream of having your own fireplace and is also an energy-efficient additional heating system. Since we have already prepared it as a complete set, it can be installed extremely quickly, cost-effectively and cleanly.

HOELZLI Kompaktspeicherofen Yoga Kranich

The HÖLZLI is particularly suitable as additional heating in the transitional period and for smaller living spaces. It also meets modern requirements and is ideal for low-energy houses.

HOELZLI Kompaktspeicherofen Kinder

Due to the high storage capacity of the fireclay, the heat is transferred much more evenly to the room. This makes operation much more efficient. The HÖLZLI also gives you the opportunity to choose the outer lining and colour of your stove individually.

HOELZLI Kompaktspeicherofen

You can place the HÖLZLI in any room where you want cozy warmth. The only requirement is that it must be positioned close to the chimney.

HOELZLI Kompaktspeicherofen Familie

You only need to fire the HÖLZLI once for 6-8 hours of heat. This is due to the material used, fireclay. This is because fireclay absorbs heat quickly and stores it over a long period of time.

Feuer entzünden

The HÖLZLI only needs 3-6 kg of wood to heat for 6-8 hours.

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