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Heat saving stoves made of premium fireclay

Compact basic stove for wonderful warmth

A hight-quality heat saving stove made completely of fireclay dies not have to be time intensive and expensive. Sometimes it is particularly important for end customers to keep time and costs to a minimum. We have therefore designed a set of basic stoves that allow you, as a stove fitter, to also offer this customer group efficient and durable traditionally made fireclay stoves. You receive all the required components, already precisely fitted, in a single package. Thanks to this modular design, the stove is installed in the shortest possible time – efficiently, effectively and with the least amount of mess and disruption. Nevertheless, you still have the possibility to choose the material and colour of the outer shell in line with the design specifications of your customer.

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Junge spielt Gitarre vor HÖLZLI Kompaktspeicherofen
Compact heat saving stove HÖLZLI*

* According to the regulations of the general building inspection approval for the room air independent operated compact heat saving stove HÖLZLI a leak test must be performed at an overpressure of 10 Pa after the construction. More information can be found in the download area.