Fireclay is a natural material consisting of only three ingredients: clay, fired clay and water – nothing else.

Despite the few ingredients, the production of fireclay is a complex and intricate procedure that requires a lot of expertise, selected raw materials, modern facilities and high precision.

With more than 160 years of company history, we are one of the oldest manufacturers of refractory products in Germany. We have always made it our mission to produce the highest quality of fireclay.

Not all fireclay is alike. Depending on which clays are chosen and according to which recipe they are mixed, our products meet very different requirements. According to the application, the fireclay must sometimes be particularly solid, sometimes particularly easy to work with and heat-storing, sometimes above all soot-fire resistant and insensitive to moisture. When fulfilling these requirements, we ensure the highest quality.

Raw material

We obtain all raw materials for our production locally. Parts of the materials are extracted from our own pit – this results in the characteristic colour of our HBO+ quality.

Preparing materials

For the production compound, fresh clay is processed by grinding and sieving and then mixed with fired, re-grounded clay. For this, we use unavoidable production reject – and thus produce practically waste-free.


The mass is pulled into shape through a mouthpiece. From the resulting endless strand, the various bricks and plates are cut with a wire. Some bricks, especially our shaped chamotte bricks, are further processed by additional repressing or special shaping.

We produce fully automatically as well as with manual working methods. Depending on the product and quantity, the most feasible method is chosen in terms of price and quality. We always rely on the latest technology and precision machines specially developed for our company.

Tool manufacturing is also in our own hands: we run our own metalworking department. The maintenance of buildings and facilities is carried out by the colleagues from the in-house electrical department.


Once the shaping is complete, the raw products are dried. For this purpose, we use the exhaust heat of the firing process.


The energy-efficient operation of our furnaces and the entire production process is our highest demand: Tunnel furnaces are mainly used for the firing, which operate in accordance with state-of-the-art combustion technology in a resource-efficient and low-emission manner. The products are fired at more than 1,000 °C. This process takes three days. Now the products are stored for retrieval or go directly to the shipping department.


The entire manufacturing process is subject to strict controls by experts from our in-house laboratory – from the monitoring of the raw materials to the mixed compounds up to the fired product.

All parameters that affect the ceramic properties are inspected several times a day.

With this, we constantly guarantee the highest quality.