Moulded bricks for individual stoves

Individual & flexible

We produce tailor-made firebricks for manufacturers of heating inserts, fireplace inserts and individual stoves. Our light-coloured HBW grade products are currently a popular choice in this area. Enquiries are accompanied by drawings of the required bricks. In many cases, we are already involved in the planning stage of new heating appliances and let our experience contribute to an optimum result. Please contact us early on ‒ it’s generally worth it.

Combustion chamber cladding


Our moulded bricks are used to clad the various types of combustion chamber in our inserts. We can also produce small-scale batches cost-effectively and to a high quality standard. Depending on quantities and brick design requirements, production is by means of extrusion and subsequent reworking or alternatively by re-pressing. The two procedures differ also in terms of the one-off pressing-tool costs which are generally incurred. In the case of combustion chamber cladding made of Vermiculite, we work in close collaboration for production and sales purposes with a manufacturer of Vermiculite plates. We would also be pleased to receive your enquiries in this field.

Storage bricks


We make moulded bricks from heavy-duty fireclay (HSM or HST) for use as additional storage in individual heating appliances. In such cases, properties relating to the ability to store and dissipate heat are of particular significance. Our heavy-duty grades achieve high heat storage capacity with small volumes and ensure even heat dissipation over a given time.