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Latest technology and special machinery

Healthy growth has defined the development of the Wolfshöher Tonwerke in recent decades. New products and the drive for energy efficiency and cost-effective production have necessitated investment in new equipment. Consequently, the production site has gradually been modernised and extended. For this purpose, profits have been re-invested right from the start ‒ which is clear when you look at operations today. At the Wolfshöhe site you can find everything from partially manual working practices to fully automatic production. Depending on the product and the number of pieces, we select the most suitable method with regard to price and quality. At the same time, we rely on the latest technology and on our own developments, plus numerous machines which have been specially developed for the company.

Quality and optimised production processes

The quality we offer is based on carefully selected raw materials bought from third parties and our own clay pit in combination with consistent monitoring of material properties by our in-house laboratory throughout the entire manufacturing process. The raw materials are used to make a production compound which then is shaped by extrusion. This applies to fireclay elements for tiled stoves. In addition, chimney pipes are processed fully automatically and placed in the furnace carriages by robots. Moulded bricks are reworked in some cases by hand or are given their final shape by re-forming in hydraulic presses.

Toolmaking and maintenance of equipment is carried out by our own craftsmen. We leave nothing to chance. Years of experience and new ideas come together. Products are dried after shaping by using residual heat from the firing process. Firing takes place largely in tunnel kilns which make for favourable specific energy consumption levels. We consider efficient use of resources and measures to minimise emissions to be a matter of course. We are continuously working to optimise quality with the aim of manufacturing high-quality products at reasonable prices. At the same time we feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment and our employees.