Welcome to the Wolfshöher Tonwerke

We are the specialists.

A family-run company for the last 150 years, we produce high-quality refractory fireclay products on our site near Nuremberg. Our fireclay elements for tiled stove construction, fireclay flue liners for domestic chimneys, storage heating stoves and moulded bricks for individual stoves are a popular choice throughout Germany and the neighbouring countries. The Wolfshöher Tonwerke have long been a byword for exceptional quality.


Carolin Kügel & Axel Wolf
(Executive Directors, Wolfshöher Tonwerke GmbH & Co.KG)


QUALITY Acting consistently.

We manufacture products of a high standard. Continuous inspections ensure consistently high standards in all our products.

INNOVATION & PASSION Evolving continuously.

Right from the start we have invested in the modernisation of our production facilities and kept up to date with latest developments. At Wolfshöher Tonwerke, our future-proof, dynamic approach originates from our experience and innovative courage.

TRADITION, PEOPLE & ENVIRONMENT Taking responsibility.

As a company run by the sixth generation of the same family, we value tradition highly. Our business partners and employees perceive the company as being open, reliable, responsible and down-to-earth. The creation of value at a regional level and the protection of our environment are matters which are close to our hearts. We consider the economical use of resources to be self-evident.