Storage heating stoves

Efficient, healthy & ecological

Tiled stoves, in particular basic tiled stoves, are the premier storage heating stoves. Built with fireclay elements made of purely natural raw materials, they combine efficient heating with a healthy, pleasant room climate. They work even if there’s a power cut, or if gas or oil are not available. By using untreated, natural wood, they fulfil sustainability and organic requirements. For many years now, we have devoted ourselves to wood-burning systems for masonry heaters. We are in close contact with stove fitters and research institutes. Our product range features a selection of efficient and environmentally friendly firing systems.

Small storage heating stoves

Hölzli Kleinspeicherofen:
Geprüft nach EN 15250

Flugs Kleinspeicherofen:
Geprüft nach EN 15250

The Hölzli is our small storage heating stove. It is suitable for small rooms and residential units with low heat requirements. It has been tested in accordance with DIN EN 15250. In addition to the variants on offer, there are practically no creative limits when it comes to the design of the stove’s outer shell. You’ll find some examples under

Masonry heater combustion chambers

Geprüft in Anlehnung an EN 15250

ALEX Grundofenfeuerraum:
Geprüft in Anlehnung an EN 15250

Für UmweltPlus und UZ37


HGO-V Holzbrand

The Wolfshöhe masonry heater combustion chambers are at the heart of your storage heating stove (masonry heater). The WGO Series fulfils all current requirements with regard to emissions and efficiency. The use of such combustion chambers in accordance with German technical regulations governing stoves and air heating systems (TR-OL) offers legal security. This applies in particular to the statutory requirements imposed by the current Federal Emission Control Act (1.BImSchV). Our offer allows the craftsman the highest degree of individuality. There are no real limits on creative freedom when it comes to flue layout and exterior design. From classic to modern, anything goes. The stove fitter need only comply with the current regulations governing his craft. Provided he adheres to dimensions, he is free to construct even the combustion chamber as he chooses, using any HBO+ firebrick formats.

Baking ovens

Markgräfler Backofenbauteile

KaBOB Backofenbausätze

KaBOB Backofenbausätze Doppelstöcker

Gewölbesteine und -platten

Baking ovens are a special type of storage heating stove. Food which is freshly baked in a wood-burning oven is second to none when it comes to taste and crispiness. Wolfshöhe baking ovens are available in many designs and sizes. They are suitable for private and even commercial use.